French courses and foreign languages


Your exchange at UNIL is an ideal opportunity to learn French or perfect your knowledge of the language. During your time here, you will be able to take French classes alongside your study plan or incorporate them into it.


The School of French as a Foreign Language (EFLE), which is part of the Faculty of Arts at UNIL, offers a free plan that has been specially designed for exchange students, which allows you to select credit-bearing courses from a vast range of options, while you are taking classes in your host faculty. When you enrol online, select the “Plan Libre EFLE” (EFLE free plan) option in addition to the main subject area you are going to study. Class enrolments take place shortly after the start of the semester.


EFLE classes are free for UNIL students!


You can also take intensive French classes before the start of your semester(s) with the Fil de l'EFLE. These are 4-week sessions, in winter and summer, of courses (intensive, semi-intensive or complete beginners) that combine theory and practice, to give you the solid foundation you need while you are living and studying in Lausanne. A fee is charged and some modules provide ECTS credits.


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