Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Studies leading to the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology degree give the broadest possible view of different areas of biology as well as the various levels of organisation of living beings, from the molecule to ecosystems.

Many courses include practical work that is increasingly integrated with research laboratories as studies progress. A range of optional classes and modules allows students to tailor their course and explore the subject in more detail. 

A Bachelor’s course of this kind provides a broad, solid foundation in biology, leading to a wide range of Master’s options examining specialist areas in life sciences.

Course Structure


Practical Information

Faculty of Biology and Medicine: School of Biology

Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology

ECTS Credits

6 semesters

Teaching Language
French (certain third-year courses are taught in English).

Enrolment Deadline
30 April. If you require a visa to study in Switzerland: 28 February.

Further information
Course description and timetables

Study Options After the Bachelor's Degree

At UNIL, the following Master's programmes are open without further conditions to holders of the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology:

Career Opportunities

Career prospects depend partly on the choice of Master’s course.

Areas of activity

  • Any area of activity that requires an integrated view of the living world
  • Teaching: upper or lower secondary, administration
  • Academic research and federal research centres
  • Culture: museums and libraries
  • Public services and environmental 
protection organisations
  • Pharmaceutical and biomedical industry
  • Biotechnology firms
  • Health: hospitals, medical laboratories, 
  • Design and engineering offices and/or consultancies 
(ecology, environment, patents)
  • Communication or scientific 

FAMH specialisation

The Association des laboratoires médicaux (Association of medical laboratories – FAMH) offers an interdisciplinary postgraduate training course in medical biological diagnosis lasting a minimum of four years for the specialist disciplines of haematology, clinical chemistry, clinical immunology and medical microbiology. Admission is via an entrance examination.

In figures

Every two years, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (OFS) conducts a survey on graduate employment, one year after students have completed their course. View the results for Biology graduates online:

Examples of positions

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