Collaborative Partnerships in the field of Sports


Collaborative partnerships offer the opportunity to develop, transfer and/or implement innovative practices in areas realting to sport and physical activity between various organisations in and outside sport (public authorities, sport organisations, educational institutions, etc.).


Collaborative Partnerships support projects which:

  • tackle cross-border threats to the integrity of sport, such as doping, match fixing and violence, as well as all kinds of intolerance and discrimination;
  • promote and support good governance in sport and dual careers of sports people;
  • promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health enhancing physical activity, through increased participation in and equal access to sport for all.

A particular focus will be put on projects that address grassroots sports.


There is a large flexibility in terms of activites covered by the Collaborative Partnership action, such as for example:

  • Networking among stakeholders;
  • Identification and sharing of good practices;
  • Development and implementation of training and educational modules;
  • Activites to increase the competences of multipliers in the field of sport;
  • Awareness-raising activites on the value of sport;
  • Activities to improve the evidence-base of sport to tackle societal and economic challenges;
  • Activites to promote innovative synergies between sport and the fields of health, education, training and youth;
  • Conferences, meetings, and other actions underpinning the aformentioned activities.

Project duration

12 to 36 months.


Max. EUR 400,000 per project.


As a general rule, Collaborative Partnerships target the cooperation between organisations established in Programme Countries. However, organisations from Partner Countries can be involved in a Collaborative Partnership, as partners (not as applicants), if their participation brings an essential added value to the project.

How to apply

Any participating organisation established in a Programme Country can be the applicant. This organisation applies on behalf of all participating organisations involved in the project.

The application process is ‘centralized’ which means that applications must be submitted to the EACEA. There will be a call each year. Please check the EACEA’s website for the general call for proposal and up-to-date application deadlines

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