Welcome for external PhD students

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PhD students from other countries can come to UNIL under one of the following headings:


Length of time at UNIL Contact

Invited researcher

< 1 year

  1. Member of UNIL teaching staff wishing to invite a PhD student (see directive 4.4 on invited researchers (in French) lien_externe_2.jpg)
  2. Welcome Centre lien_externe_2.jpg

Exchange student

1 to 2 semesters

  1. Mobility department of the home institution

UNIL PhD student

Length of doctorate (3 to 5 years)

  1. Member of UNIL academic staff prepared to supervise the thesis.
  2. Admissions Office lien_externe_2.jpg

PhD student with joint thesis supervision lien_externe_2.jpg


  1. Member of UNIL teaching staff prepared to act as a joint supervisor.
  2. UNIL contact for setting up joint supervision
Participant in a summer or winter school 1 to 2 weeks
  1. UNIL Summer and Winter Schools
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