Print from Windows

Using PrintOffice on Windows

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Setup on Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu

  2. Type the following address in the search box: \\

  3. The authentication window pops up
    In the first field, enter your UNIL username preceded by ad\.
    In the seconde field, enter your UNIL password.
    Check the "Remember my credentials" box

  4. Once the connection is established, right-click the PrintOffice printer and choose “Connect”

  5. Validate the security message by clicking the option “Install the driver.” Get back to step number 4 with the PrintOffice-Couleur printer.

  6. You can now print your documents on PrintOffice by choosing the printers PrintOffice and PrintOffice-Couleur.


Setup on Windows 8 and Windows 10:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window

  2. Type the following address as indicated below : \\

  3. Follow the setup instructions given for Windows 7 from step 3 on.