François Bussy - Vice Rector "Research and International Relations"

François Bussy, 56, has left his position as Dean of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. He is now taking over as Vice Rector for research.

"I am deeply attached to this institution. After all the opportunities it has offered me, first as a student and then in research, it’s time for me to devote my energy to it in return."

Does he have a particular aim in mind? "I don’t have a specific agenda. But my primary role as Vice Rector for research is to motivate people and encourage them to develop their ideas. As my predecessor Philippe Moreillon used to say, we are facilitators."

Among other things, François Bussy will be able to draw on his experience as someone who has worked in the field to prompt as many people as possible to submit funding requests to organisations such as the SNSF. "It’s within the reach of every researcher. And projects are evaluated by independent scientists from outside the university, which is essential."

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Born on 18 September 1959, in Crissier (VD), father of three children.
Education and qualifications

PhD in Earth Sciences, UNIL (1989)

Diploma in Geology, UNIL (1983)

School-leaving certificate in mathematics and science, Gymnase de la Cité, Lausanne (1977)

Career history

Vice Rector for Research, International Relations and Continuing Education, UNIL, since 2016

Dean of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE), UNIL, 2013-2016

Vice Dean for research at FGSE, UNIL, 2012-2013

Associate professor, FGSE, UNIL, since 2009

Senior lecturer, FGSE, UNIL, 2001-2009

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Leeds (UK), Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto (CA) and University of Lausanne, 1989-2001

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François Bussy, Vice Rector "Research and International Relations"

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