Déborah Philippe - Vice Rector "Careers and Society"

The youngest member of the new team, Déborah Philippe, 37, was a professor specialising in issues of corporate social responsibility and director of the Department of Strategy in the Faculty of Business and Economics when she was won over to Nouria Hernandez’s programme.

Her role as Vice Rector covers areas associated with equality of opportunity, interactions between the university and society, cultural policy and the development of the postgraduate campus.

Does she have one particular asset? "The fact that I have followed an atypical career path," she says. Indeed, Déborah Philippe studied literature and attended New Sorbonne University before moving into management and strategy.

"This role really aligns with my values. I am very interested in cultural policy. I am passionate about music and dance. And managing career development is a process I went through not very long ago. So it’s important to me to make sure that people have options once they have completed their studies, whether they go into academic positions or not."

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Head of unit "Careers and Society".
Born in Paris (France) on 6 April 1979. Married with two children.
Education and qualifications

PhD in Strategy at HEC Paris (2009)

Research Master’s in Marketing and Strategy at Paris Dauphine University (2005)

Master’s in Management Science at HEC Paris (2003)

Degree in Foreign Literature, Languages and Civilisations (English) at New Sorbonne University (2000)

Preparatory classes for entry to the Ecole normale supérieure in Classical Literature in Lakanal (1999)

Baccalaureate (Literature option) (1997)

Career history

Vice Rector for Careers and Society since 2016

Ordinary professor at UNIL (Faculty of Business and Economics) since 2015

Tenure-track assistant professor at UNIL (Faculty of Business and Economics) 2009-2015

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Vice Rector Déborah Philippe

Déborah Pihilippe, Vice Rector "Careers and Society"

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